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Hi nurse friends! I am attempting to transfer my nursing license to California and I have run into an education requirement question. I noted on the website: Communication skills, 6 semester or 9 quarter units shall include principals of: Oral communication, Written communication, or Group Communication.

What classes suffice for this requirement? I have currently 4 quarter units of "Effective Communication." However, I am wondering if other courses will suffice for the requirement. For example, do courses such as "Leadership & Management," or "Community Nursing Concepts" fulfill the requirement?

Any information you have regarding acceptable courses would be great!

*I reached out to the CA BRN and the response I received noted they would not assist me with this and the only way to receive the information is to apply (pay the fee!) and be denied. At that point, they would provide me with the information.

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I do not think Leadership or Community would work.

I believe* they are looking for courses such as Composition, Writing, Speech, Business Communication etc.

*Not a CABRN member but I do deal with them regarding transcripts at times.


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Thank you so much for your response! I have classes such as Effective College English I/Effective College English II/Advanced English Composition/Public Speaking.

Do I seem to be on the right track? I am hoping my education credits fulfill the requirement and I do not have to take any additional courses just to transfer my license!

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Those should be OK