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Hi, I just graduated this spring, and I applied to both the ADN program and the LPN program at Calhoun. Not suprisingly, I did not get in on my first try but I decided to go ahead and take some things like Biology and Psychology that I would need for when I did get in.

Well, my schedule was set, 8AM-12PM Mon-Thurs. I was pretty happy with this. And then, yesterday morning, 9:30 AM, I got a phone call saying that someone could not take their spot and I made it into the LPN program.Thankfully, a nursing friend of ours told me to apply for both.

Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled. I know how tricky it is to get in in the first year at Calhoun.

But I am also completely terrified. I like having things set and ready early, and now I have to wait until August 20th to find out exactly what's going to happen. Five days before classes start. It's not doing anything for my nerves. And also, I'm scared about the work and if it's going to completely inhale my life. My cousin has been trying for two years to get in and hasn't yet, so I wouldn't dream of turning it down.

But, please, has anyone been through this program? Do you think you might could give me a hint of what it's like so I'm not completely blind? Thank you.

(Heh, I'm sorry, that was horribly long, but I am very unnerved and stressed.)


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I am new to this board. To anyone out there who may know the answer:

If you were accepted to Calhoun's RN program (regular or delayed progression) how many points did you have on your application?

and how many times did you apply?




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Hankins, I know school has started for you now, but still, if you have ANY questions at all, feel free to send me a message, I am in Calhoun's RN program 4th semester out of 5, due to graduate in May. I know i was really nervous this time last year also.


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ktaylor, every year is completely different, depending on who applies, the total points flucuate greatly, I cannot remember the points accepted when I applied, but the cut off was pretty high for the RN program, and alot of people from my biology classes didnt make it by like 10 points.


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They said the cut off this year was 151 points for the RN program.

Jedi of Zen

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Hey Hanekins,

First of all, congrats on getting in!

Like Jamie2887, I'm also in the 2nd year of the Calhoun ADN program, and I too remember quite well how nervous I felt this time last year. I'm not really sure if there's anything in particular I could say to summarize what the program is like as a whole - other than simply that it is a challenge :) It can be done, but it requires a lot of focus and motivation. If you have any specific questions, please feel free to PM me anytime.


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Thank you both Jamie and Jedi of Zen. You're right, class has started now. Yes, I am still scared stiff and sometimes I don't like to look people in the eyes for fear that they will sense my weakness. ^^

I have my first check-off on Friday. It's amazing how much having a vet cousin can help with one-on-one. She put some stitches in an orange for me to take out, and she let me watch a surgery (and demonstrated surgical asepsis).

Bed-making makes me panic, but that is in a while, and filling out these assessments. I've started on both, but the pediatric one is proving tricky.

Thank you both so much. Hearing that people do live helps. And thank you for offering further support/advice.

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