7 Calendar Years of Education????


It takes a minimum of seven calendar years of education and experience to prepare a CRNA. The average student nurse anesthetist works at least 1,694 clinical hours and administers more than 790 anesthetics."


Where do they get that from? The way I figure it:

1 yr minimum ICU experience.

2.5-3 yrs CRNA school

=4 yrs total.

Am I missing something here?

They include your BS degree!

2.5+ master's

1 year ICU

4 B.S

= 6.5+

Ah ok, thanks. Are you in school already? I was wondering, when you finish CRNA, how well do graduates feel prepared to tackle routine cases? I know as RN's we had a couple month's orientation with a preceptor and then orientation on our own. Most nurses said that it took about 1 yr's experience before you felt completely comfortable in the ICU setting. Would this be the same for CRNA's once they graduate?

I am guessing since I am neither a student or CRNA, but since they are focusing on a single procedure I would say that 2-3 years of practicing and courses should make them proficient.


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It is my opinion that most GRNAs should be able to hit the ground running. In my experience, nothing like the preceptor/orientation for new RNs is offered, nor required for new CRNA graduates.

That being said, that first year is very important. It takes about that long to get used to doing cases without someone "looking over your shoulder". Even for students in programs that place a great emphasis on fostering independence the senior year, you always know you have that safety net available.

So graduation is a transition time for everyone. I think most new grads benefit from inital practice in an environment with seasoned colleagues. Help is only a shout away, but nobody is breathing down your neck.

(Of course there is site to site variation in how team members interact, if you are in an anesthesia care team setting. But that is another topic, for another thread)

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Shortest crna programs are 24 months and I think the longest are 36 months. Most seem to be in between around 28 months. Mine is 32 months, not counting the semester it took me to take a grad. stats course as a prereq.; plus min. one year critical care plus 4 years BSN. So it will take almost eight years to achieve this goal. No one said it would be easy. I am curious though how long was the training way back when? I have heard that they did not need a bachelor's degree and that the anesthesia schools were 12-18 months long. This may explain why some of the older MDA's I spoke with were under the impression that our schooling today is like 18 months. They seemed to be shocked when I tell them it takes 2-3 years at a graduate level to complete these programs today. I think it is important we let others in the healthcare know how long it takes to become a crna. Mainly because in the medical field education level is important and is respected whether we like or not.

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When you graduate from CRNA schoool, you should be able to administer anesthesia with little direction or supervision. The "senioritis" you had a year earlier quickly evaporates to a lot of humility and the realization that you are just beginning to learn and will continue to for the rest of your career.

The important thing to remember is when you are a student do as many cases as you can and get all the clinical experience that is available. Anesthesia is primarily a clinical specialty and you get better the longer you do it.



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my clinical instructructor was explaining to me that normally my day would end at 3-330 , but that i was involved in an interesting case i would be expected to stay and finish it...... i told her that i couldn't believe a student WOULD consider leaving an interesting case......after all i have heard it is like an airplane the take off and landing are the most interesting/difficult parts........ they also told me much of the info i have read here - that independence is fostered throughout the program and that most of the seniors are doing fine on their own.... this is encouraging as my anxiety is beginning......3 wks to go....

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