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I'm applying at CDC and would be interested in any comments and/or feedback from others who do nursing for this organization.

Short-staffing? Mandatory OT? Rotating shifts? Poor management? Adequate supplies and support? Good opportunities to transfer facilities? Things to watch out for or facilities to definitely avoid?

The good and the bad.



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Life in Blythe? Have driven through unpteen times in the last 29 years. Not any that I've seen. Oh sooooo hot in the summer, better in winter.


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From my research after the initial post, it looks like each prison in the system has its own personality, its own way of doing things, and its own staffing levels and arrangements--so each has to be looked at independently.

They are uniform only in basic pay scale, though bonuses are common and vary from prison to prison, as well as having good equipment and supplies.

I had several offers, and more opportunities are still coming in, but made the choice that is proving right for me. Spending some time on the internet, visiting the various cities and spending a few days in each one, checking out the chambers of commerce, looking at numerous housing possibilities, etc. all was time well expended.

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