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Hey all,

Im new to the site and also a new FNP graduate but I've been a nurse for almost 10 years. Anybody here have experience transferring license from CA to WA recently? is it pretty straight forward? Also if you're an FNP, do you also have to get an RN license in that state your moving to? Thanks in advance

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I just did this. I applied online. I already have a WA state RN license a long time ago and I just applied for the APRN. You will need to apply for both RN and APRN license.
they wanted transcript, verification of NP education, NP certifications and verification of CA license. I saw that CA cashed my check that I sent to them. I enclosed a letter to CA and the form that WA state needed. I’m not certain if they waited for CA because they gave me a temporary APRN license while my live scan is pending. No one is doing the finger print cards right now because of COVID. I ended up staying in CA because I Just found a job but I will eventually fly to WA state to do the live scan.

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thank you so much for this response, just waiting for an offer and will start to apply for WA license for RN and FNP then. Appreciate this greatly!

renzlao, MSN, APRN

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So I just received an email from WA that they will close my file if I don’t give them fingerprints. I will end up flying tomorrow in short notice. I asked for an extension but they didn’t reply and they wanted it done in 30 days. However, I start my new job next week so hello Seattle haha I’m coming for just a live scan haha


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