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Ca. RN license


I have a question when it comes to Ca. licensing. I graduated from Excelsior College, passed the NCLEX and am working in Fl. I have been a practicing LPN since 2010. Ca. does not recognize Excelsior grads. I am pursuing higher degrees but have been told by someone at the Ca. BON that it doesn't matter, the only way I would be granted a license is if completed another RN program that they recognize. I'm told it has to do with the clinicals. I get it I guess but I have my own thoughts on that. Unfortunately they didn't ask. I have attempted to contact the Ca. BON a second time repeatedly but can't get through on the phone an e-mails have not been returned. My follow question is if you have been practicing as an LPN for greater than 5 years can you sit for the Ca. RN. I have heard this from a couple of people that I trust/believe just am looking for confirmation. Or making sure its still true. Anyone have any idea?


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CA stopped the option of LPN to RN licensure based on experience only several years ago. Sorry that you are in the position of not having your nursing program recognized in california. Any consideration to complete BSN program approved by CA BON...that may be way of getting RN license as having a higher degree,

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About the easiest way to become an RN in California is for you to do something along the lines of what some of the nurses from the Philippines have to do: find out what the CA BRN wants you to do to "correct" any "deficiencies" you have in your basic nursing education. What that will likely entail is attending a "traditional" program. The "concurrent" didactic and clinical requirement has been on the books for a very long time and were first really enforced against Excelsior College grads and later against "foreign" nurses. It's all about having concurrent clinical experiences and EC doesn't (and can't) do that because of the way their program is designed.

The LVN to RN upgrade path through experience went away a long time ago. There's still (as far as I know) a CNA to LVN upgrade path via experience, but you have to attend an LVN->RN program to get an RN license, and don't do it via the "30 unit option" because there there are programs that award a degree that are also about 30 units and will NOT cause you problems later.

California's a stickler for their rules... and it's their rules that you must abide by if you want to play in their house.