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Hello, I'm a new graduate nurse who just last month got hired in Washington for a new grad program. I passed the NCLEX in California and currently have my CA RN license. I sent in my paperwork and the Washington Department of Health confirmed they have my papers for endorsement. The only thing holding me back is my license verification from the California at the Board of Registered Nursing. I sent in my license verification form to the BRN, but they take very long to process their forms and I'm worried that I may not get my WA RN license in time and that my employer will rescind the job offer.

I have until 3/4/16 to submit my WA RN license to my employer. When I talked to my employer about my concerns they just say there's still time and that I'll "probably" get my license before March 4th. That doesn't really alleviate my concerns because I would hate to think I have this job and then lose it, knowing I could've been applying for so many more jobs in the past month and potentially getting them.

My question is, if I go to the California BRN in person, can I bring my license verification form from Washington and just have the BRN fill it out in person? It's literally just one paper that has the BRN confirm that my license is active and in good standing. This way I can just fax or email that paper to the Washington Department of Health and I can get some peace of mind knowing all my papers are in and that I'll be getting my WA license soon. It's potentially my final month in CA and I'd like to spend it knowing that I'm going to get a job and not worrying about whether the BRN will process my paperwork in time for me to not lose my job.

Thank you very much for reading and any advice!


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Well I didn't get any responses haha, but if anyone is curious about expediting their CA RN license endorsement to another state, if you go in person they can speed up your endorsement. They don't do same day license verification, but they can get it done within two weeks. The woman at the front desk seemed very stern but was super helpful. She gave me a timeframe and the name, number, and email of the employee handling my license verification form. The employee handling my form was extremely helpful and answered my emails promptly when I asked if I could get an update about when my license verification form would be sent. If you need to have your license endorsed out of state and you're in a time crunch then definitely go in person because the processing times for endorsement from CA to out of state is logjammed along with most other CA BRN applications. Hope this helps someone!


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Congrats, and good luck with the new job! :balloons:

Hi inezco. Congrats on your new job!

I'm in the same boat as you were. I'm waiting on the BRN to send my verification to Utah. How long did it take in total for you to apply, wait, go to sacramento etc...

I just sent in my application to CA this week, so it's early on, but I only have about 7 weeks of wiggle room and I'm nervous they won't send it in time. I'm contemplating flying out there to show up in person.


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Hi Inezco.

Thank you for updating your post. I'm in the same boat right now. luckily I live in Sacramento so I can go the board of nursing and check in with them. Which one did you go to? I see that there are 3 buildings that belongs to the nursing board. Also where did you get a job at? Congrats!

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Hi there, I know this is a year ago but was curious if you could send me the email address to the BRN in sacramento for my endorsement. Thanks!