CA - nurse prison shifts?


I will be graduating in october from a vocational nursing program. After I pass state testing (fingers crossed) I may plan on applying for a correctional nursing job. Im a female, almost 29 yrs old, no kids yet but I want them soon. Is this a good choice for me? My ex husband and father were correctional officers, so its not completely foreign to me. Im just worried about the crazy hours and different shifts and trying to start a new family. I want to have time for my future kids amd husband, but also want the great pay and job security. What shifts do the lvn's work? Four- 10 hr shifts? Five- 8 hr shifts? Three -12 hr shifts? And what exactly are an lvns's job duties? The hospital that ive been training at three days a week for the last several months seems completely chaotic and crazy. I dont want to work in a hospital or a rest home. I just need some feedback into working in a CA state prison as an lvn. I want to know all I can before applying. Also, I applied for CO about 3 years ago. Is the application process for an lvn position the same as the CO process or completely different? Thanks a lot! nurse.png

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I don't know about CA prisons, but at the Arizona State prison where I was hired, there are 3 types of jobs (at least for RNs) that have 8, 10 or 12 hour shifts. The 12 hours shifts are in the 'ER' and the other shifts are sick calls and med passes.

So if LVN positions are similar, you should get a chance to pick what shift/hours work for you.