CA LVN license endorsement to New york and Seattle WA

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Hello all,
Can someone help me please?
I am currently working as LVN here in SoCal. My partner is in the military and I am planning to move to New York for about 6months and Seattle Washington
Can I work on those 2 states with my CA license? I believe I have to endorse it correct? But endorsing means I am still a CA nurse right? Honestly not sure how endorsing works as well.

Kindly help please!!
Thank you so much!



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I hope this is not late. I was a LPN licensed in New York. I became an RN in 2004. I am also licensed in California, Texas, Alabama and Georgia by endorsement. Originally, I finished my AAS degree in New York City and passed my NCLEX in New York. 

Let me answer your question(s). Both New York and California are not members of the multi-state. Therefore, you will need to be licensed by endorsement. If California is not a multi-state member, you will need to endorse your licenses in those states you want to work unless you change your primary state of residence. Let's say I will change my primary state of residency from New York to Texas; then I will be able to work in many states with just a Texas license. Of course, you will need to pay a fee to change to a multi-state license-Texas.

Once you have your New York license, you will not lose your California license unless your have lost your license due to incompetency or drug use or debilitated mental state. 

Did I just answer your questions?

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