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Im a registered nurse in california & im planning to work in chicago, i heard that you can get an Illinois license w/o taking another NCLEX test. They call it application by endorsement. I am a foreign graduate nurse & I also passed my CGFNS. Can someone please tell me how to go about this? What are the requirements? Thanks.

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I don't have the website in front of me, but go on Google and do a search for the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation. That is the licensing agency for RNs in IL. Just a friendly hint: THe DPR is notoriously slow about processing license requests from out of state. You might want to ask how long it will take, and whether you can practice with a temporary permit while your license is in the works. Good luck!

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I went from CA to IL also....Check out the Illinois State Board of Nursing website and it will give you the details on how to apply by endorsement....

It wasn't too difficult...just a lot of paperwork. Took 4 weeks.

Good luck!!

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