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I started this because I wanted to say, I think it's great that the LPNs there, who have started the program, and didn't find out about this soon enough, will still have a chance to continue their studies! I'm very happy for them, and hopefully the CA BON will decide not to go forward with eliminating EC as a way to further their educaiton:D


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I just went to the EC website, and this is what I found!

At its meeting on September 12, 2003, the California Board of Registered Nursing (BRN) voted to defer until its meeting on December 5, 2003 any action with regard to the continued eligibility of Excelsior College nursing graduates to be licensed as Registered Nurses in California.

This means that the September 12 deadline for enrollment in our School of Nursing that the BRN was expected to impose upon us is no longer in effect. At this time, if you enroll in our School of Nursing you will continue to be eligible for licensure in the state of California.

While the Board has not imposed a new deadline for enrollment, it would be advisable that to be eligible for licensure as a registered nurse in California, you should enroll by December 5, 2003.

So it seems there is NO October deadline, and the new deadline is December 5th!

I think this is a good thing:cool:!

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