CA BRN 2012 survey as it pertains to PHILS nurses


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Of interest since my topic was on as it pertains to the PH nurses on page 9 of how there's a pretty good representation of current PH nurses of almost 20% amongst the entire racial/ethnic mix of working RN's.

On page 10, "Diversity greater among younger RN's", a higher percentage under 35 yrs. old at 22.8%.

It's interesting how the survey breaks out "Asian/P.I." from the "Filipino" sector to give a more clear picture of PH'ers in the CA work force to show we are being represented in a fair light.

With the concurrency issues facing the PH students/nurses, I'm sure as these surveys are taken and conducted every two years, we'll see those numbers shrink dramatically.

It is interesting to see that the working RN's approaching retirement time within the next 5 years will open up the market, but with the current local CA and US educated nurses, I'm sure the majority of all of open spots will be filled real quick over the next several years to come.

There's something like almost 1,000,000 nurses will be graduating in the entire States alone (based on those taking the NCLEX-RN).