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Hi! I'm a new member here. I just want to clarify some of the requirements for CA. It is stated that I have to provide a photocopy my license or diploma that allows me to practice nursing in my country. I'm from the Philippines where one can not practice nursing unless he/she passed the licensure exam. Our diploma doesn't give us the right to practice nursing. I took the licensure exam last June 5 & 6 and the results will be out by July, so I heard. My classmates already passed their application to CA and enclosed a photocopy of our diploma but not a written explanation on why they are not yet licensed here in the Philippines. Do I have to give them a copy of my diploma even if it doesn't allow me to pratice nursing here? Will my transcripts and breakdown of my nursing education with a written explanation on why I'm not licensed here in the Philippines suffice?

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They want to make sure that you have completed the appropriate courses, just submit a copy of your trnascripts, with a copy of your diploma. You do not have a license yet, as you do not have proof of you passing your boards.

California does not require that you be licensed in your home country.

Be aware that you will have problems endorsing to another state if you chose not to work in CA. You will not be given a license until you actually have ajob offer and have been given a SSN#. If you haven't started with paying fees to CA, I highly suggest that you use another state and then just endorse, if that is where you want to work. You will save yourself much grief that way.

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