CA BON required theory and clinical hours


I am trying to figure out exactly how many hours the CA BON requires in medical-surgical, obstetrics, pediatrics, geriatrics, and psychiatric-mental health nursing.

I have read the CA RN Licensure Qualifications for Graduates of International Nursing Program document but it is still unclear to me.

From my understanding the theory and clinical must be done during the same semester (concurrently) and that we need at least 288 theory hours and 864 clinical hours total, but can't find exactly how many hours in each category the BON is looking for.

Please help! I have searched this forum extensively without luck and I am trying to find out how many hours so that I can ensure I get these BEFORE I graduate from my international nursing program.


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Ask your school advisers if they have any real life situations with submitting the transcripts to the CA BON and have not had any recent issues with your nursing hours and cases able to pass the CA BON requirements.

It's possible within your own country's colleges/schools there could be some that know the CA BON minimum requirements and other schools that have no clue since they are not concern with any USA requirements as the main agenda is to serve only that particular country's licensing board.


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I have reached out to the right people at my school as well as a number of NZ schools without any luck. A staff member of my school said she recalls a couple cases of students passing the NCLEX years ago but could not recall the state. My guess is the state wasn't CA as they seem to be the strictest and I don't want to rely on my situation being similar as curriculum has changed recently (and CA regs probably have too).