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I have a friend who applied to Ca BON in 2005 and passed NCLEX. Because of retrogression she has been unable to provide a SSN to get her license. She just got her GC (after 6 years!!) and is coming to California. The BON has told her in the past they will retain her NCLEX so she can get her license when she presents her SSN, but now she is concerned that even though she got an ATT from California and passed the NCLEX they will hassle her because of the concurrency situation that is causing problems for new grads.

Does anyone know if she will get her license automatically when she presents her SSN since California has already reviewed her application and gave her an ATT in 2005?

I think there's only one to find out the answer to your question. She needs to go ahead and apply, since this whole issue is still fairly new.

There will be a lot more PH nurses in the same position as your friend due to the retrogression starting to be be lifted for those that waited for years.

Howver, I would not be at all surprised if the CA BON did reject the application, as some have said, it's not a right, but rather a privilege to become a CA nurse. So meeting the existing requirements is a very possible reality and to maintain the consistency of granting or denying a RN license to everyone.

Let us know what becomes of her application. Hope she comes out okay.

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