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CA BON: disclosure requirements for reported fine, infractions,traffic violations


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CA BON: Changes in disclosure requirement for reported violations

Prior to April 22, 2014, all fine, infractions or traffic violations over $300 had to be reported to the Board as part of the licensure process. As of April 22, 2014, the violation reporting dollar amount has been changed from $300 to $1000. Any fine, infraction or traffic violation (not involving alcohol, dangerous drugs, or a controlled substance) over $1,000 must be reported.

The specific reporting requirement states:

Applicants are required under law to report all misdemeanor and felony convictions. "Driving under the influence" convictions must be reported. Convictions must be reported even if they have been adjudicated, dismissed or expunged or even if a court ordered diversion program has been completed under the Penal Code or under Article 5 of the Vehicle Code. Also, all disciplinary action against an applicant's registered nurse, practical nurse, vocational nurse or other health care related license or certificate must be reported. Also any fine, infraction, or traffic violation over $1,000.00 must be reported.”

Please see the application instructions for additional information on reporting violations on your application.