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Does anyone know of CA ADN programs that allows an online micro class?

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I think they all do, as long as the class was taken at an accredited institution. The only school I've come across that doesn't is CSU San Marcos (for their BSN program)... their website specifically says they do not accept online science labs. I took all of my science prereqs and labs online (including micro), and I haven't had an issue with the classes not being accepted to the schools I applied to.

Thanks, where have you applied to? Where did you take micro?

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I took micro (and the rest of my science prereqs) from Ocean County College in New Jersey. I have applied to a few junior colleges in So Cal, and a couple of schools in San Diego (including San Diego State).

Have you been accepted to any yet? I have taken A & P 1 and 2 online but now am hearing from others that local schools have said they probably would not accept them! I live in the San Bernardino county area. I want to take micro online but want to make sure it will be accepted first! Any info would be appreciated:)

add: I did contact the counceling offices of several schools and was told they would accept online sciences. Since then I have had friends actually go in and ask nursing program staff and were told no. Now I'm worried.

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I was just accepted to one nursing program in So Cal (). I also transferred over an online chemistry course to CSU Fullerton (I needed it to complete my BS degree), and they accepted it without a problem. The transcript from the school I took the courses at (Ocean County College) didn't specify the course as being online... it was listed the same as any other class would appear on a transcript. If you're doing prereqs at a school that offers online AND traditional classes, most likely the transcript will not show that it was online...I would think as long as that is the case, the school would accept it without a problem.

Also, when I was looking for programs to apply to, I would email the admissions dept and give them the specific course number and school that I was taking the prereq... often times they can look it up in their system to see if the course transfers.

Hope this helps a little!

Thanks for the info! I am considering too. Good luck!

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IMO: the heart of this issue is that some schools want to exclude online learning, but they can't find a way to do so, as long as the transcript doesn't specify online learning.

CSUS also has a clause in their application that says no online classes.

I think you'd need to look at each ADN program application to find out if it prohibits online science classes.

If it doesn't, then just get the course description approved.

One of the silliest things about this issue is that when I took 2 different A&P sections through my community college - THERE WERE NO WET LABS! So, there is absolutely no reason that schools should discriminate against online learning. Particularly since the classes fill up so fast and some Prof's won't allow you to try to add.

PS Also, be aware that some counselors will try to trick you into figuring out if you took a class online, even if your transcript doesn't say so. One said to me - "Oh, you took Math in Colorado...did you live there?" I opened my mouth and said "Oh, No, It was online". Then he said, "The school isn't accredited, so your units won't count." Then another counselor came in and said, "Yes, I've heard of it, her school is accredited". This was at CSUS.:mad:

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