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Hi all...I have a hospice pt with c diff...I know about using universal precautions and using his own thermometer, is there anything else we should be doing...he has multiple skin tears that are draining etc... how long is it communicable etc...he has finsihed his Flagyl... thanks ! :rolleyes:


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A stool culture 48 hours post Flagyl will confirm whether or not the Flagyl was effective. If still positive, usually vancomycin is then given.

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If he is continuing with frequent loose stools try lactobacillus and maybe questran...The skin on his bottom is torn ? I have had really good results with a zinc oxide based cream-staff just needs to be reminded that you should not try to scrub it off but just cleanse gently and re-apply prn...Maybe a fecal collection device to protect the area?


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Yes, the lactobacillus is a really good idea. :) We had such good results in a couple of our patients who continued to have frequent loose stools even after the C Diff was resolved that our new protocol now includes giving Lactobacillus to all patients who present with C Difficile.


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many thanks for the info...the doc has put him on another regime of flagyl for 10 days...not even a stool culture...he is 95 and on hospice... the pt not the doc!!!! :)


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I work in homecare and we have been told the waterless gels do not kill c. diff. Make sure you wash your hands vigorously with soap and water.


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doc, sounds like a flake!!!


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Hi Saribeth,

Can you help me:

I am taking care of a lovely 87 year old gentleman, with Cdiff (diarrhea and mucous in the stool). After a round of anitbiotics for a UTI d/t BPH he ended up with Cdiff. He was initially treated back in Oct. 2009, with Vanco and Flagyl. He has had four more bouts with Cdiff infection and has only been treated with only Flagyl.

He is now being treated by a Infectious Disease Doc with Vanco and Rifampin and seems to be doing MUCH better (history of dementia, HTN, BPH). The family is so pleased. Any suggestions re: diet/contact precautions that I can give the family or caregivers (he is being taken care of at home) so that this horrible infection does not return would be greatly appreciated. They are so afraid that after this Vanco/Rifampin (two weeks) that he will relapse with the infection.

I have suggested, Baby Rice Cereal, bananas, apple sauce, Activia (doc recommended), organic chix broth with noddles. Any other suggestions??? HELP!!!!!!!!

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