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I am looking to buy nursing texts online for the first time. Is there any particular websites that you recommend where the prices are reasonable (bound to be cheaper than the bookstores). I live in MO.

Thank you.


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I would try

It pools all of the best offers from amazon, ebay, ect.

For my first undergrad I used the bookstore and now I realize how much money I could have saved if I would have just gone online!

Now I use amazon. That way I can decide if I want a new or used, and they have great prices.

I have been burned with ebay before (the seller said I didn't pay so they didn't ship, yet I have a bank statement showing the money deducted from my account and into theirs. Ebay refunded me less than 10% of the cost).

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Barnes and Noble has had the best prices, even beating Amazon most of the time (for me, anyway), plus they give you free two-day shipping. Just be sure to get the ISBN numbers from your NS to make sure you're getting the exact same books.

If you get the B&N membership card, you can save even more. The membership card costs $25, and you'll probably make that back within an order or two. or

barnes & noble also offers you a small discount if you order books online - i think 20%?


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I just got mine off Craigslist!! I paid $50 when they should have cost me over $200!!!

I was looking at & - they both seemed to have good prices.

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I have bought some on E-bay also.

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Here is a great search engine.

I bought almost of mine used and then resold them on :)

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