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Buying an exsisting medical office?


I know that in many states NPs can open an independent clinic. Are NPs allowed to buy exsisting medical clinic. For instance, if an internist was retiring, could an NP buy that practice? Does anyone know someone with such an experience?


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Hello, DC2RN,

Sure. Anything is possible. When the OBGYN doc who I did a preceptorship with retired many years ago, I considered buying his practice. If you have the finances and opportunity, you can do it.


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An NP friend of mine bought a dermatology practice in California. She loves it!

Depending on the state, you my be able to open an independent practice, but billing insurances can be problematic. Many insurances require a NP to have hospital priviledges and that typically requires a consulting doc.

If you open a cash clinic you can be totally independent if you feel ready for that kind of responsibility. The Doc I was with just retired and offered all the charts to me. I just didn't want to go through all the complications of building out a space and all the headaches that entails. I found a doc that built me a space with a set hourly wage and a good percentage of the profits. I get the benefits of having my own practice without many of the headaches of running a medical practice.

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