how busy is your facility???????

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hi everyone! i am a cna student and yesterday i had my first clinical at a nursing home. just wondering...... (day/night shift)how busy is your facility? my clinical was during the night shift and around 7:30 pm there really wasnt anything left to do! just wondering if its the same at other facilities? thanks

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I am a LPN who works nights in LTC. The CNA's that work with me can always find something to do. But usually after about 9p, it slows down dramatically. But then rounds get done at 12, 2, and 4 and they start getting some folks up as soon as rounds are done. In between times, ice is passed, call lights are answered and the are a few folks who require spot checks throughout the night (a little more often than others).

There's always something to do, and the more you work in LTC, the more you'll be able to just kind of jump in and do it.....

So, hang in there and welcome to the ranks of LTC!!! :)

I work at a Facility with appx 95 Residents. We have a skilled unit at capacity is 14 beds. As a Nurse, LPN, I see there is down time that always has something to be done. If all of the staff could feel we can't do enough for the residents. We would have a lot less down time. When I leave work, I always feel there is more to be done. When I sit I honestly feel I deserve the rest. These residents deserve the best we cann give them. I have been a nurse 38 years and love what I do. I wish I could say the same for other people I work with. I never say this is my JOB, I say this is what I do. I work as many hours as anyone 40 to 56 hours a week and sometimes more. I am tired but I always know I have made a difference inmany lives. Small changes, sometimes, but a difference in a life. How many people can say this daily? Changing, rearranging, making your work and the lives around you easier. Due to the enourmos list of nurses on line, no one will read my comment. But it feels great to put something I strongly feel, on paper(sort of paper). I still am hoping to finish with an RN, only this and working is almost impossible. I really feel I would love to share my enthusiam with new people going into the Medical field. Only time will tell.


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I appreciated your posting. Thank you for telling it as you experience it. There's so much that is wrong with the conditions of service etc in our profession, but still so much that is right with what we do each day.


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I work in LTC - my ratio:

Days: 2 nurses, 4 care aides

Eves: 2 nurses, 4 care aides, two leave at nine

Nights: 1 nurse, 3 care aides.

Ready for the patient ratio?


As a nurse, I am stressed out, constantly busy. I wouldn't want to be a care aide for any amount of money. They work hard, take alot of abuse, both verbally and physically. The care aides I work with (with the exception of 3 or 3) are dedicated and caring. They are amazing, and have my respect.


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I work in a LTC with a skilled unit. Skilled has 68 residents right now. Whole faciltiy: 128.

Ratio:days 5 nurses 10/11 CNA

eves 4 nurese 6-8 CNA

nights 2 nurses 4-6 CNA

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