Business Opportunities for ACNPs?


I'm wondering, I often see mention of FNPs/primary care NPs and PMHNPs starting businesses, side-hustles, clinics, etc.  I'm wondering, what are the business opportunities available to ACNPs?  Do you think that it would be more challenging to have similar business opportunities to primary care NPs/PMHNPs since specialty practice (whether inpatient or outpatient) typically involves physician care as well, by virtue of the level of care needed?  


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I am in my last semester of my PMHNP program and I work as a Psych RN, however, one of the faculty members at my school who teaches the acute care students has a successful practice that is focused on Pain management in the northeast. Another ACNP that graduated from my program went on to start a successful group practice with another NP and two MDs and she makes pretty good money although she is not the sole owner. I also believe that if you have the funds and your state allows for independent practice you could possibly set up an urgent care clinic but you may need to partner with a FNP who could see underage patients.