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Burnt out


I've been working in ICU at a big, busy hospital for just over a year now and working as an RN for about 5yrs and at this point... I AM SOOO BURNT OUT. I LOVE my coworkers and I'm not really looking to leave my current job but I just feel so restless and uninspired. Does anyone else feel like this or have any advice for me. I really hate feeling like this.


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Sounds like you're more bored than burnt out. When I considered myself 'burnt out', I couldn't sleep, had no energy, didn't eat right, and became very pessimistic about everything. Life was a chore and work, while still challenging, was depressing. That was my experience.

NickiLaughs, ADN, BSN, RN

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I'm with Biff, you're bored and feeling unchallenged. Is there any additional classes you can take to increase your skills? Like open hearts or CRRT?

Have you been getting the "easier" patients on the unit mostly? Maybe they don't realize you want a challenge. Mention it, say you want to learn and are eager to have different patient loads.