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burnt out?

Has 7 years experience.

Scanning this forum this seems to be a common theme. Anyway, I've been working at a jail almost FT for about 8 months. It took a good 3-4 months to get fairly comfortable. But just recently, it seems to be getting worse and not better. It seems the other nurses are mad at me or something as they don't seem to be helping out as much and everyone is in a bad mood. I know I still make mistakes and ask questions a lot. Today the senior nurse would'nt even answer me and had me try to figure it out. I know I did one thing wrong by giving an inmate a med without an order, but she was just there a couple weeks ago and we both knew what she took. Her BP was sort of high and I did'nt want her to have a stroke so I gave her a med and then the other nurse almost gave it again. I bet I hear about that next week. Then I mad another mistake that had something to do with security locks. I really did'nt know it was wrong, but no excuse I guess. I'm already on thin ice for a "serious" incident with narcs from awhile back. Again, only because its a jail (would'nt have been that big of an issue at a nursing home). Then I heard security was mad at me for taking so long on a triage, but I had orders from the doctor to give someone meds and blood sugars to due at the same time. It seems like I always have 6 things to do at once. The one nurse said I need to organize myself, but I don't know how as I just try to prioritize, but can't seem to make everyone happy. I'm getting to the point of saying "oh well" and just do what you have to, but I'm sure that attitude will lead to more errors. I guess its time to start looking for another job. I'm sure a nursing home would hire me, although I really don't like working in them as I have a PT job in one now. I wish hospitals hired LPN's around here. I know they do sometimes, but very hard to get in unless you know someone...

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