burnt out!!Please help


I worked on a Pediatric Bone Marrow Transplant Unit as a PCA for a year and a half and then as an RN for a year, I recently moved to another pediatric Hem/ Onc and BMT floor in another state. At the new hospital I am already beginning to feel the burn out affect that I thought was solely because I had been on my previous floor for a while. I just do not really know my options from here because I love working with kids and I love nursing, I just do not know if floor nursing is what I want to do. My GPA in college was a 2.8, which I was told I underachieved big time and I agree because I was experiencing college, so I dont know if graduate school is an option for me as well as it could take a few years for me to get a degree. I just need help on seeing options and deciding where I want to go from here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Has 20 years experience.

Couldn't you try a different area of pediatrics. Hematology/Oncology I hear can be very rewarding but I also hear can be one of the most stressful areas to deal with especially when it comes to kids. I love working with kids too. I have been an RN for 11 years the past 9 years being in pediatrics. I already knew hospital nursing isn't for me when I did 2 years in a hospital my first 2 years out of school. Granted it was an adult floor but I knew for me my heart was more in community/public health nursing. Since I have been in pediatrics for the past 9 years I have yet to work on a floor. If you truly feel the floor is not for you try working in a clinic/Dr's office, public health, school, peds nurse case management. There are options out there. As for the graduate school sorry I have no advice. At one point I applied but I chickened out because I didn't want additional debt. I can't afford it. I work in a school as a school nurse right now. I'm actually a month into it. I honestly have mixed feelings. I know I will love the winter vacation, spring vacation, and summer vacation. I'm actually doing it for the hours and convenience..no nights/no weekends because my DH works evenings except Wednesday and Sundays and we don't believe in putting our children in daycare. So, one of us is always home. Keep looking at your options and think about exactly what it is that you want. There is soooo many different areas of nursing to pick from. I don't believe anyone should just throw the towel in with nursing until they have tried a few. I am actually deeply interested in health and wellness so I'm actually thinking of starting a business pertaining to that. I will not say what it is until I start it. I don't want anyone stealing my ideas. LOL.