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I have been doing a little bit of home health case management, but mainly hospice case management for almost two years now. I have loved every minute of being a hospice nurse even though it is a very exhausting job. I recently have become burnt-out. I am the type of person that gives all of my attention and time to my patients. I really truly care. I feel like I've given too much of my time to my pts and their families. I am getting texts or calls even when I'm not working, such as at night or on the weekends. I have tried to make changes such as ignore calls when they come in, but my director even told me that I have to at least answer my texts from the on call nurse....which is understandable, but then again I feel like I can't go anywhere without my phone. I've heard of nurses doing hospice for 13+ years and love it. I don't know how to not get burnout. I love that it is so flexible, but then again I'm working 24/7. I work all day and come home and chart most of the night. I feel like I can't do it anymore.

I've changed jobs though quite frequently since I have become a nurse. I started out working at an ALF and rehab as an LPN until I got my RN, then switched to home health and hospice for 11 months and then quit because I was going through a divorce and finishing up the BSN program (the company I worked for wasn't supportive at all). Now I'm working at a new home health and hospice company that is wonderful, but I still feel like I'm working all the time and charting all the time. I have been an RN for 2 years now. Recently graduated with my BSN this past May. I really would like to get into wound care somewhere just to get a break from the case management side. Do you guys think that since I've changed my jobs that often that I will have a hard time getting another job?

I would love all your thoughts, advice, etc. Thanks so much!

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You can always apply and see what happens.

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try keeping a log of many calls/texts you get and how much time it consumed. Tally that up in a week or a month and show your boss. Ask for compensation, as it is all "work". You won't get it, but at least you will have an objective reason to look for a job that pays you for the time you work, if that is your major complaint.