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I have been nursing for just over a year now. I love nursing, really i do but....I feel so sick and tired of it all. My patients are fine for the most part but the people i work for and with are driving me insane. I still feel so new at everything and i know that i will always make mistakes but will it ever slow down?

Between my crazy schedule and the people in the office, i dont even want to go to work any more.

Should i tough it out or take a break? Does it get better after the first year?


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My first year was awful. I prayed every day on the way to work that I wouldn't hurt anyone. It does get much better. Stick it out.

Maybe you need to think about moving to a different agency. It sounds like your problem lies with your co-workers/employer, not your patients.


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Wow do you sound like me. I cried so hard last week, my husband told me to call my super the next day and put in my 2 week notice. So, I stayed home all day, did some yoga, and tried to relax. This week-end was much better. I also feel soooo tired of all the stuff that goes on in the office. I have complained 3 times to the DON about the fact that I CAN'T see more than 10 patients a day!!! So, this week-end, I had 10 each day. Now mind you and adm each day and on sunday, 3 oasis and 1 adm and 5 regular visits. Hard but do able. I have been at this for 1 year 2 months. Some days just suck period....I am just glad to have a job. Maybe if we keep hanging in there it will improve, there are not many other companies around here for me to check into.


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That's CRAZY INSANE!!! Who do you work for? You need to find another job. Remember that people will only take advantage of you if YOU allow it!

TEN visits a day, even if in the SAME house, is TOO much. Especially if four of them or OASIS visits.

Sorry, but NO money is worth that much---and I'm guessing here, they aren't paying you that well if they treat you like that.

Seriously, find somewhere else.

Good luck!


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You are right, well yesterday, I went in and we had a "team meeting" which lasted until almost 1000 am and then I look at my schedule and guess what? I have an adm, one visit to set up telehealth, a wound vac patient, and a recert, and 6 regular visits. Gosh and there are NO telehealth machines clean, and of course, no admission packets put together. Sheesh people so I got to go do this and then, go see 10 people. And that's not the kicker, while I am putting together the admission packet and cleaning the telehealth machine, I get called in to the DOO.

Now I find out that 3 patient's called to complain in the last month. One was ****** cause she couldn't get a HHA 2 times a week instead of 1. I told her since she was better they were going to pull the hha out. Anyway, I told her maybe she wanted to think about hospice or an ALF. The other one got mad cause I raised my voice to her dog- that was trying to lick her leg while I was doing wound care, YUCH. Well, needless to say, that did for me. I started crying, I got so upset and mad I had to come home. Today, I am going to give my 2 week notice. I would rather be home and broke than take this crap. Hope I am not making a mistake, but hey I gotta keep my sanity.


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yogalover 47,

I can't believe the nerve of your agency thinking that your schedule was even somewhat okay, that burns my britches for you! you were/are doing the work of two people.....did you realize that? please god i hope you actually did quit this job, how horrible! shame on them, you'll find something better, anythings better than that....gggeeessshhh...

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