Transferring burn patient to bath/shower

  1. Hello All, I am doing some research on transferring a burn patient from bed to bath/shower for hydrotherapy.

    Is the use of mechanical means to transfer a patient not recommended?
    If so, what are the means of transfers used in your hospital to prevent back injuries in nurses?

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  3. by   marienm, RN, CCRN
    We have used a ceiling hoist with a special stretcher to transfer to a tub. The stretcher went right into the tub and then we could lift the patient out when done. The stretcher needs to be carefully placed under the back to avoid injuring grafts. Our shower room doesn't have that option, but we only use that room with ambulatory patients. Many of our patients get dressings like Aquacel or Mepitel that shouldn't get wet, so those patients get bathed in bed.

    This is what my facility does...I'm interested to hear what other people do!
  4. by   New_LVN
    Thanks for the repsonse. Have you guys ever moved a burn patient manually instead of with a machine?
  5. by   marienm, RN, CCRN
    All the time. We turn & position manually and get patients up to chairs. Now, if the patient really can't stand then we usually put them in a shuttle chair to get them out of bed. But if it's medically appropriate we get people up who are a 2 or 3 assist. We rarely use a Hoyer lift although we probably should.
  6. by   WestCoastSunRN
    We pretty much do it all manually. And I've only ever seen our tub used for our kiddos. If one of our critical care patients needs the shower -- we have a treatment room for that and the transfer to the table is manually done or done with a ceiling lift. We don't use the ceiling lift as much as we should -- we muscle it too much of the time, probably.