Facial Burns

  1. Just curious.

    What do you use on facial burns for the best result?

    How frequently do you cleanse/dress the face?

    How early do they graft the face?
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  3. by   honeyb111
    I can only speak from personal experience here. My daughter (a few months shy of 3 at the time) had 2nd degree burns from boiling water on her scalp and upper face (one side only). I had to wash the areas 4 times a day with antibacterial soap. The rationale behind this per the doc was that the hair is the dirtiest part of the body. I could only use neosporin/bacitracin on it - the facial burns were near her eye so silver sulfadine was out of the question. No dressings at all, just try to keep it clean, dry and the hair off the face. Luckily she didn't need grafts and was almost completely healed in 2 months. The face is one of the fastest healing areas. She does have a bald spot covered with "peach fuzz" along her hairline and a couple tiny scars that look like chicken pox scars - she's 10 now.
  4. by   courtneyalissa
    I am only answering from work experience. In our Burn Clinic our Doctors reccommend washing with baby magic since it is mild and non-irritating and applying either Polysporin or Polymyco to the face 4 times a day until healed with no bandage. Needs to be clean and dry. As for grafting, a burn usually takes 3-4 days to demarcate so most of the time they wait at least a week to determine unless it is obvious that grafting is needed sooner.
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