Burn Techs...ancillary staff on burn units

  1. I was just wondering if many BICUs use ancillary staff like a tech or nursing assistant. We use techs to assist in burn care and I have not seen anything in the literature that supports the use of tech in the BICU. I may be using the wrong search engine words so I figured I would throw it out there to see what other hospitals are doing. By the way, I love our techs..they are very experienced at what they do and help tremendously with wound care. Many times they teach the licensed staff wound care/dressing changes

    Thx for your imput

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  3. by   dianacs
    Our burn unit uses techs, too--they are an important part of the team. Like yours, ours are extremely knowledgable about wound care and great at working with patients/familes. I couldn't imagine it any other way.
  4. by   shandsburnRN-CRNA
    We also have techs in our BICU. They assist with all the burn dressings and are knowledgable in helping our new nurses learn the all the different dressings. They also sit with our patients/families when we (RN's) are too busy. They are definately essential to the unit.
  5. by   BertRN07
    We have techs too - All I have to say is Thank God they do what they do!! They are awesome at what they do - Burn Dsg/Wound Care... I could never do what they do! I agree - I'm a new nurse & the Burn Techs helped me get acquainted to HT & all that goes with that...
  6. by   kellerpatty
    Hi: Our Burn Techs ROCK! Couldn't do without them!
  7. by   ILoveMyBurnUnit
    We use techs too...actually, I AM a burn tech, going into nursing school to be a burn nurse. Our nurses do a lot, but we do the majority of the dressing changes and other "dirty work". I love my nurses, and they love me back!