Bunker Hill Community College (BHCC) Nursing Acceptance Rate?

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Hi there, I was wondering if anyone has applied to Bunker Hill CC for nursing or goes there and what the average stats are for getting accepted?

I applied there for the Spring 2024 semester 

Do you mind of I ask you what your TEAS score was?Or if you've heard back yet? 

I'm mostly nervous I didn't score high enough on the TEAS and I still have 2 co-reqs left to complete.

I haven't heard back yet and I am so nervous.. I have been checking everyday! Fingers crossed that we both get in! I scored a 86% on the TEAS... I heard that they look at each section individually though... I'm finishing my co reqs at the moment 

That's awesome, congratulations on that score! I did hear that it won't be coming out till at least next week but I am still checking everyday ?. I applied to the alternative program and it's one of the only ones that allows you to still be able to work semi-traditional hours. I'll keep our fingers crossed for us both! Glad to know someone else is feeling how I feel right now LOL

Thanks! I studied all Summer for that damn test because I know how competitive the program is! I almost took it again because I wasn't sure if my score was good enough... I was aiming for the 90's. I also applied for the alternate program. I will be so happy if we both get in ?

Your score is great. I scored a little lower and that's why I'm nervous. Took me a few years to figure it out so I'm just hoping this will work out for Spring. Good luck and be very proud of that score!

Did either of you hear anything yet?

I haven't yet. I think it will be within the next week though. 

Did you apply for the alternative as well?

No I applied for the day program. Do you know if they accept 25 students per program? I want to say that is what I herd during the info session. 

I believe it's 30 for each. 

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