Bummed Abt Transition


I'm so upset that I didnt get into the LPN-ADN transition program this January. My school pays for my childs day-care and I have completed all my classes I need for the ADN program. What am I suppose to do now? I really wanted this. I'm just at a lost.


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I'm so sorry you didn't get into the program.

In the meantime, can you take other classes that will lighten you load when you do get accepted?

I am sorry you are in this difficult position. I wish you luck in getting in another class as soon as possible.


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The thing is I am finishing up taking the last of the pre-req's this semester so all I needed next semester was just my nursing classes. I'll try to get full-time status at my job (work causal now) until I get into a program somewhere LOL Applied to Wake CC and Nash CC bound to get in somewhere hopefully LOL

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