Bullying at Baptist Hospital of Miami


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I have been working at Baptist Hospital of Miami in the Mother Baby Unit and I have been working night shifts for one year now. So far, it has been really stressful and overwhelming to work there. Everyday before I go to work I am either crying or feeling super stressed out when I have to come in to work. I have been experiencing bullying on this floor. Charge nurses will deliberately change my assignments in the middle of the night, my preceptors and other nurses would spread rumors and complain to the manager how slow and lost I am, nobody talks to me on that floor, I do not feel welcomed, when put my name down to work extra they always skip my name and have another nurse to come in to work, they float me to a med surg floor especially when it's not my turn to float, when I would do favors and help out others when they are drowning they never take the time to recognize me on the group chat , they pick and choose who can receive training in Nursery and Labor and Delivery, and they make me work every weekend nights and I request certain weekends off but they still go ahead schedule me for the weekends. Listen! I am so tired of being bullied, I have been bullied in middle and high school. Now I am 24 and still being bullied in my career. Nobody on my floor cares about me or shows me support. I am so tired of the treatment and wondering if I am experiencing discrimination or racism on this floor especially since  I'm a black nurse working in a predominantly hispanic working environment. 

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Sounds like a very overwhelming situation. Are you able to transfer to another floor? Are you able to go to the appropriate chain of command?