Building a Social Media Presence - Danielle LeVeck

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This past May caught up with Danielle LeVeck, DNP CVICU NP/CNS more commonly known by her Instagram name "Nurse Abnormalities," at the 2018 NTI AACN Critical Care Conference in Boston. Danielle is an acute care nurse practitioner and has been a cardiovascular surgical ICU nurse for seven years. She began her first blog in 2015 after the controversial media coverage on "The View" of Kelly Johnson, Miss America candidate, who wore a stethoscope as she presented a monologue on nurses. She's grown her Instagram to more than 85,000 followers and is regarded as a top nurse influencer.

In the following interview, Danielle talks to us about the ups and downs of nursing and how to navigate the cross section of nursing and social media. She shares some of the tips she has learned about how to build an effective social media presence.

  • Keep your vibes positive as much as you can
  • Be very real and willing to be positive
  • Never post a picture of a patient
  • Be careful about what you post in the hospital.
  • Be honest with your employers about your social media presence.