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Build up GPA or just go to LPN program?


I tried out for the RN program at Suffolk and I did not get accepted due to getting a "C" in A&P II. I went to the school today and they told me that I can retake A&P II there this semester and then take microbiology there next semester. You need to have a 3.0 to get into the school which is only English, A&P I, PSYH and A&P II and if you take Micro they look at your application before anyone elses. I got a B in English, A in Psych, B+ in A&P 1 so I have a pretty good GPA. They advised me I should apply to the program again in December for the Fall of 2007. Now the issue is that what if I dont get accepted to the program again and waste my time and money for these classes. I tried to get into other schools and did not get accepted. Now the question is due I go through taking these classes or just go for the LPN? Please help me !!!

I would definately spend the time retaking these courses, particularly because they expressed that they are interested in your application provided you retake these classes.

As unfair as it seems, you have to believe they will not send you on a wild goose chase for nothing. They will not promise you entrance, because they also need to see that you are dedicated to them and to getting the right grades. You are probably up against many many other applicants. Showing that you will retake these classes puts you ahead of MANY of them. many times your application wining over someone elses will be that higher grade in A&P the second time around. good luck with your decision!

Thanks for the reply. I really appreciate it. I hope I do well & get accepted.

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