Buffalo travel jobs.....anybody????

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Hi Guys/Gals

Anybody ever do assignments in Buffalo or surrounding area? If so I'd be very interested in hearing your hospital and company experiences.

Look forward to reading your responses and being employed some time in the near future. :)))

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I don't know if I am breaking any rules by mentioning companies... so if I am please delete, and I'm sorry. I am with Novapro, who is a "sister" company of cross country. One of the two recently had a few postings for buffalo, my home town. The caveat is that your "specialty" is what matters. There are so few in buffalo due to the oversaturation of available nurses. I'm an ICU nurse that does ER and transplant with EP and some cath lab, so I'm looking for a wide variety and don't pay attention to specific roles as I have several.

I grew up in buffalo and miss it very much, in the summer, LOL! Also consider Rochester, Strong and community are only 45 minutes on interstate 90 from Buffalo.

Remember that your home base address needs to be about 45 miles out as a crow flies to get housing. So if you live in the city of Buffalo, consider intellestaff for local staffing. I have used them and had access to all the catholic system and kolidia systems. Had a ton of work.

Good luck.

Very helpful, thanks!!!

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