When deciding to be a RN, does it really make a difference whether or not you have a 2 year or 4 year degree? I mean none of us really have a ton of experience when we leave school..I have heard all kinds of discussions on it and I am pursuing BSRN..


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Yes, no, and yes.

From my understanding the BSN is just more theory than the ADN. However, for the specialized magnet status hospitals need a certain % of their nurses to have BSN's. It's the new nursing craze - to have a BSN, even tho BSN is really only "needed" for nurses who want management and leadership type rolls.

In a lot of areas, acute hospital settings are only hiring BSN nurses. Because of this you will have no choice but to obtain a BSN. You MIGHT get a job as an ADN if your area is heavily pushing for BSN's but it would be hard, and certainly there are residency programs and such that might help you get a job as an ADN. Some areas, like mine, will hire ADN's as long as you are either enrolled in, will enroll in, or otherwise obtain a BSN within 5 years of being hired.

On the flip side, if your not really caring about working in an acute setting, then BSN might not matter as much. And even if you go ADN first, you can always just bridge to BSN.

If there isn't a BSN push in your area then an ADN should be fine, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't still pursure a BSN just to further your own education. You can do this through a RN to BSN program rather than a BSN directly.

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Well most of my credits that transferred from Community College where all transferred and applied to math/science requirement. It is funny because I have yet to take a math course. All the credits where law I changed my mind. So, alot of theory. I can honestly say, I would not want a leadership position and tend to lean more towards team work or being under a team leader..myself, I feel more comfortable that way. I work in a acute care/ long term care rehab as a C.N.A now on the weekends and the occasional homecare client. I mean I'm glad I made the decision to get my BSRN..I'm sure I would probably lean more towards homecare nursing or small facility nursing..who