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Is there a noticible difference in pay and job availability between nurses with BSN-RNs and RNs?

I'm not sure about the difference in pay, but many hospitals are starting to only hire BSN's. That's how my hospital is. We do have some associate's degree nurses, but they've been grandfathered in. So you would increase your job opportunities with a BSN. Also, if you plan to eventually go to another area of nursing, such as management, you need a BSN.

It's sad, however, because I don't think having a BSN better prepares you to be a nurse. It costs more and you have extra silly assignments like making health posters and reading research articles. Not that research isn't important, but I really didn't need to be taught how to read a research article.

BSNs are RNs once they get their licenses.

I think you mean BSN or ADN.


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