BSN-?Undecided Graduate Program



I recently graduated from a BSN program and am eager to begin grad school this fall. I am contemplating a few graduate programs: MA Ed. (Science Middle School Teacher, or School Counselor), MA Ed./Ed.S (School psychologist), MSN (Nurse Educator), or PhD. (Professor of Nursing).

I have discovered that my passion is truly in Education. I was torn between Nursing and Education as an undergraduate, and decided to do Nursing because I felt that it was my calling at the time.

I will begin working as a part-time RN at a nearby hospital in April and will attend school in the evenings following a cohort model in September. After meeting with previous Nursing professors, they have all advised me to continue my education now, instead of postponing it for x amount of years. I just can't see myself retiring as a nurse, so I see no reason to wait to go back to school. Does anyone have any suggestions or input? I would really appreciate a second opinion. Thank you so much!:D

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