BSN RN from WI with 7 months experience, possibly moving to Chicago


I might possibly be moving to Chicago with my fiancee next fall. He is applying to several different programs (not nursing) for continuing education programs. So far, our first choice, out of all of the places he applied is Chicago, mostly because we are from Milwaukee, and this would be the closest place to family/friends. Also, I have some family who live in Chicago as well. I was wondering if anyone from Chicago could tell me what it is like to be an RN there. Maybe answer some of these questions. It would also be helpful if someone who has worked both in Milwaukee and Chicago could compare and contrast the two.

Are there many job openings for RN's in Chicago?

The cost of living for Chicago is a little higher than Milwaukee (at least that's what I've been told), do RN's make a little more there?

How are benefits for RN's there?

What are the best places for RN's to get jobs in Chicago?

Are there many graduate programs for RN's in Chicago for NP or a CNS?

Maybe someone could just tell me the pro's and con's of being an RN there.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Wow, nobody replies. How rude lol Well, I hear rush is a very good hospital. my friend is going to be a medical doctor so she volunteers. Christ Advocate in Oak Lawn thats all I know for the moment.


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I have my eyes on Chicago as well being from Northern Indiana.

For graduate programs, I've been considering University of Illinois in Chicago, Loyola University of Chicago and Rush University because they offer more choices for advanced nursing practice than the local university (Indiana University). I'm not sure about the latter 2 but UIC offers an option of online courses for their graduate programs.

In terms of hospital, I can't speak out of experience because I am still to work in Chicago but according to Thomson Reuters TOP hospitals, Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center makes it to the 2012 list.

I'm interested to know other choices for universities and work places.