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BSN Programs

Ok, so I am a high school student and I just have a few questions about applying for a BSN program.

1. Do all schools require applicants to have taken some sort of pre-nursing program? Or do some schools incorporate all of the pre-reqs and their nursing program in the 4 years?

2. If the nursing program is only 2 years, what would you major in during the first two years when you would be taking all of the pre reqs for the nursing program?

I'm sure I will have more questions once I get answers to these, but currently this is all.

Thanks in advance!


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I'll give you my school as an example...

We were required to have our prereqs done before applying. Classes like a&p, chemistry, math, history, art, psychology, English... A bsn is a 4 year degree and I'm pretty sure all nursing degrees require the prereqs. My school doesn't provide those classes, we do them on our own and then apply for the 4 semester (2 yr) nursing program to finish the second half of the bsn. Personally I couldn't handle mixing nursing classes and prereqs together like I've seen some places do. What would you major in the first 2 years? Prenursing, those are the prerequisites needed to take the nursing classes.

What if the school doesn't have a pre-nursing program?

You don't need to declare a major, or you declare whatever major you want. It really depends on the school and what they want you to do. You'd be better off checking at whatever schools you're looking at to find out what their program is like.


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So the college doesn't offer anatomy and physiology 1 and 2? Chem? Math? English? It may not have an official major but it should still have the classes needed.

No, it does I just wasn't sure whether I needed to declare a major or not and what it would mean if I just took the pre reqs. Thanks for your help!

In my school, you major in "nursing" while you do your prereqs. You can do some liberal studies during this time as well, but at my school you still end up taking some while you are in the actual program. We have 1 yr of prereqs, and then 3yrs of nursing classes and clinicals. We didn't have too many prereqs though: I think it was A&P 1 and 2, math and dosage calculations, intro to chem, and a med term. During this time, I also opted to take some of the classes required but not required in a specific order; i.e. nutrition, medical informatics, and a nursing philosophy class. Hope this helps.

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You need to declare s major to recurve financial aid, I think. It would be pre-nursing or pre-healthcare or even biology. It just depends on the school you are going to. Also, you won't be directly admitted into a nursing program. Even if the school has a nursing program you would first r admitted as regular undergraduate then after you've finished the perquisite courses for the nursing program you would apply for that program to finish out the BSN.


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