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Hello, I am currently a RN with my BSN in the Chicago area and am looking into becoming an EMT/PHRN. I have read various things about being a PHRN but can't find any programs for it, or ways to become one. Is it easier to do an EMT-B program or are there other ways to go about this. Any information would be helpful. Thanks.

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Contact your area EMS manager (usually affilated with level one trauma center). Alternate way is to contact IDPFR but probably the EMS manager is going to be your best bet.

I've been a PHRN since 1999 (actually one of the first in IL) but I live in central IL so don't have a contact number for you. First though I would see if this is a viable employment option. I'm a volunteer on my very rural fire dept/EMS organization. PHRNs are used by the for-profit ambulance service though but they seriously don't make much - RNs earn considerably more.

Thanks for the response. I will contact EMS. I plan on volunteering locally as well or picking up a few shifts a month if able. I currently am working full time, so I wanted to do it more as a volunteer or on an as needed basis.

traumaRUs, I am also interested in obtaining my PHRN for the state of IL. I am currently an EMT-B with a rural ALS service in central IL while I'm in school for my ADN. I will be starting my BSN bridge shortly after graduation in May, but wish to function as an ALS provider on my rig. What advice might you have for me going forward from here because none of the 4 hospitals in my area are hiring right now. I already have ITLS and PEPP certification and will have ACLS in Feb. My eventual goal is flight nurse or ED nurse. Thanks in advance.