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BSN OR Entry Level Masters

Lanietran Lanietran (New) New

Hi. I am in a tough situation right now. I am nervous and I don't know what program to apply for because both are really competitive.

So I currently have a 3.5 in my science courses and the other pre reqs I haven't calculated it yet. After Spring 2015 I will graduate with a Bachelors in Health Science. The only thing I am missing right now is my TEAS test score but I am taking that in November.

I don't know if I will have a better chance getting into the BSN program or the Entry Masters program. I volunteer at a lot of places including 2 years at the Indian Health Center, Shift leader at Kaiser, and a Peer Health Educator on campus.

I was wondering what would you do and what programs would I most likely get into? I think i might apply to most of the Cal State in California and possibly going out of state. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

The accelerated BSN programs are extremely comptetitive. Usually a 3.9 or higher will make you competitive.

Since you are looking at applying to CA nursing programs, you are most likely going to be successful by applying to as many as you can afford the application fee for. It is not easy to be accepted at any CA program, even with the highest of GPAs and other qualifications, so just consider the monetary output for multiple applications to be part of the cost of becoming a nurse. Good luck.