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BSN nursing informatics class

Hello group!

I am currently enrolled in a nursing informatics class and I have to interniew an RN with one of the following job titles:

Nursing Clinical Information Manager, Super User, Director/Manager Clinical Education, Chief Information Officer, Quality Assurance or Performance Improvement Nurse, or Case Manager.

Anyone with any of the above titles mind answering 10 interview questions? I work in a provate setting so I don't have any of these titles available at my place of employment. They don't have to be lengthy answers!

The interview questions are as follows:

1. Describe your career path to your current position. Include information about education and experiences.

2. Discuss the value of best evidence as a driving force in delivery of nursing care at your facility.

3. What safeguards and decision-making support tools are embedded in patient care technologies and information systems that support safe practice at your facility?

4. Tell me about patient care technologies that have improved patient care at your facility.

5. As an informatics nurse, do you report to the nursing department, the IT department, or do you have a different reporting relationship?

6. What do you see as the advantages and disadvantages of your current reporting relationship?

7. What type of technical skill - databases, programming, testing, modeling, analytics programs, have you needed for this position?

8. List some skill sets you have acquired in your position.

9. Describe a current project you are working on.

Step 2.

Optional Questions (Answer only ONE question from the choices below.)

1. Please tell me what challenges you have faced in dealing with other disciplines who may not "understand the needs of nurses/nursing?"

2. Please share an example of how GIGO (garbage in, garbage out) impacted a decision related to your information or data collection.

3. Please give me an example of how the lack of interprofessional collaboration impacted your role.

4. Please describe what a typical day on the job is like for you.\

Thanks so much in advance!

Nursecasey2, you beat me to the punch! I am also taking the same class and need to interview someone in nursing informatics! Did you ever get a reply?

Anyone want to help this student out as well? :D


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