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Hello there...I am in the process of applying to several accelerated BSN/MSN Nursing programs for non nursing majors (yup I am making a career change). I was wondering if anyone could give me insight on such programs. I am looking at Simmons College, Regis College, Northeasern U, MGH (all in Boston) and Pace and Columbia (NYC). Has anyone attended these institutions? If so, your feedback (good and bad!) would be appreciated!! Thanks.

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I don't know if this will help you at all, but the practitioners I know received their BSN/MSN degrees from Russel Sage of Albany NY ( very good private school) and SUNY of Syracuse.

The nurses who went to Syracuse took on-line courses and had to be at the school itself only a 4 or 5 weekends a year or something like that.

All of the people I talked to were very happy with their education. I am planning to go to Russel Sage after I'm done with RN, because I can not leave the area.

Good luck.


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I went to MGH. Happy to discuss it with you via email. So, click my profile and send me a message!!!

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