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I have applied to 's BSN-MSN Education program. My ultimate goal is to become a nurse educator and teach psych to the next generation of nurses, though probably part-time at first as I'm not ready to leave the bedside.

I'm debating whether to start the program in June or July...but that's not important right now :)

What is important-to me, anyway-is getting some information, such as:

  • If you currently in or have graduated from this program, what was the experience like? Experience with the courses/competencies, experience with the staff, experiences with the online resources, etc. I did my BSN online through UTA, so I'm familiar with online programs...but every school does things differently.
  • Did you have a lot of difficulty in finding facilities to set up your Capstone? Bonus points if you live in Southern CA, because that's where I am located.
  • Your experiences in getting/advancing in your job with your WGU MSN.
  • Did you have any difficulty applying for post-masters, DNP/PhD programs with a WGU degree and your resulting GPA of 3.0?
  • Overall, did you feel confident in your decision to attend WGU? If not, why?

I did a search but a lot of threads are from several years ago, so I'd like some more recent feedback. Any info you can share would be great. If you wish not to share anything publicly, you are welcome to send me a PM.

Thank you for your time and assistance!

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Hi, sorry I can't help you too much. I live in WA and am starting the MSN Education tract on May 1st. The mentor (my continual contact person while in school there) told me they JUST rolled out a new Capstone and I'll be in one of the first groups to start it. Honestly I'm not sure what to expect yet as I I'm not yet able to look at my courses of study (it will open in May 1st for viewing for me). But she said it involved classroom work with around 90 hours total time with writing and revising a curriculum at a local community college or University. From what I heard before this you just turned in a power point presentation on a curriculum overhaul or revision.

I'm very confident in starting my MSN with because I just finished my BSN with them and I felt it is a great system/school. It's been easy to navigate through my courses and get help when needed.

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