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I graduated a few years ago with a bachelor's in biology. After getting my bachelor's I got my ADN, and then my BSN while working. I would now like to pursue an MSN or DNP. While going over the admissions requirements for various schools, they all say that I must submit my transcripts for all the colleges I've attended. I've done very well in my ADN and BSN programs, and I did alright for my first bachelor's. I was wondering, how much would my performance during my first bachelor's effect the likelihood of me being admitted to either an MSN or DNP program. I would be pretty disheartened if my less than stellar performance from a while back is what would keep me from advancing in my career.

In case anyone was wondering why I got an ADN instead of going through an accelerated BSN program, that is mainly due to financial reasons. Getting an ADN was much more affordable than some of the accelerated programs.

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When applying to the BSN I am currently in, I was required to submit transcripts from every college I had attended, however, my school only calculated my GPA based on my prerequisite coursework. Likewise, the DNP programs I am looking at require transcripts from every college I have attended but are only worried about calculating my "Science GPA" and my "Nursing GPA."

I would look a bit further into the application for your program and try to understand what information they are getting from your transcripts.

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