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BSN to MD?


Hi everyone!

I really hope you guys can help me out with this- so I am currently a pre-nursing student who has already finished his prerequisites to apply for the BSN program. As of now, I do not have either a bachelor degree nor healthcare experience. I do know that becoming a physician has long been a dream of mine but I do know that life happens and so I wanted to have a “safety net” to fall back on in case I don’t get into medical school.
I know the traditional way of getting into medical school is by getting a natural science degree such as biology/ Chemistry, do some shadowing hours and take the MCAT... but I was thinking, how would doing that help me stand out from the rest? If I don’t get into medical school for whatever reason, what can I do with a bachelors in Chemistry? Also, what about clinical hours and bedside experience?
As of now, I am not so sure what to do? Should I get my bachelors in nursing instead of going the traditional route or you think doing so would be a complete waste of time & money?