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I am in dire need of advice from anyone who has gone to school in the Philippines for BSN 4 year course (or any advice from anyone familiar with the transfer process from foreign BSN to USA). I am a dual citizen (U.S and Philippines) and will now be enrolling at either Angeles University Foundation or Holy Angel University (Pampanga) or in Lyceum-Northwestern University (Dagupan). All are CHED accredited schools with programs that are legit. My concern is what I should MAKE SURE to do in order to avoid "concurrency" issues or ANY issues that any of you deem might hamper my ability to transfer over to the USA after I graduate. Does anyone know where I can find like a COMPLETE course/class list that I can compare my Philippine classes to so as to avoid missing any courses? I intend on being completely thorough for the next 4 years and see if my experience here in some form, can be easily navigated so as to have a seamless transition back to the U.S and the BON in California where I'm originially from.

Any help is GREATLY appreciated!



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Make sure you complete all your cases in the same semester you take up the class (ex all delivery cases done in the same semester as Maternity class, better if same month) AND keep a copy!

Cases+theories in the same year as what PinayRN said. Good luck on that...