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I am in dire need of advice from anyone who has gone to school in the Philippines for BSN 4 year course (or any advice from anyone familiar with the transfer process from foreign BSN to USA). I am a dual citizen (U.S and Philippines) and will now be enrolling at either Angeles University Foundation or Holy Angel University (Pampanga) or in Lyceum-Northwestern University (Dagupan). All are CHED accredited schools with programs that are legit. My concern is what I should MAKE SURE to do in order to avoid "concurrency" issues or ANY issues that any of you deem might hamper my ability to transfer over to the USA after I graduate. Does anyone know where I can find like a COMPLETE course/class list that I can compare my Philippine classes to so as to avoid missing any courses? I intend on being completely thorough for the next 4 years and see if my experience here in some form, can be easily navigated so as to have a seamless transition back to the U.S and the BON in California where I'm originially from.

Any help is GREATLY appreciated!  

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