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BSN grad without license --Take Refresher course prior NCLEX?

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hi to all the member's.

i'm a new here, just want to ask. i'm a B.S.N graduate in other country in 2007 and haven't take a licensure exams in our place even once. and its been 8 yrs now, and now planning to continue my nursing, i was told before of the newyork state board of nursing that i need to take an CGFNS Verification before taking NCLEX. but havent get it yet. now decided to continue my nursing and its been 8 yrs now since i graduated nursing, and asking if i should take a refresher course to start my nursing again. or i can just take CGFNS right away even its been 8 yrs now since i graduated nursing? hope that can somebody answer my question regarding this matter. i really want to continue my nursing here. thank in advance to all those who will answer my question.


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Most agencies providing a refresher course with hands on care require one to have an active license.

You need to start apply to CGFNS for verification of nursing credentials--type CGFNS report needed is based on state you are applying to for nursing license.

Start here: CGFNS International

Click here to View State Board of Nursing Requirements by State

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